A generation of Israeli children raised near Gaza are now young adults suffering from post-traumatic stress.

Starting in 2001 “Code Red” alerts, signaling incoming rockets, have sent them running to bomb shelters in fear for their lives.

And the danger doesn't seem to let up.

Since May 2019, when more than 600 rockets were fired into southern Israel from Gaza, sporadic missile attacks continue to wreak havoc on the lives of people in Sderot.

Now, fire ballons have become the newest weapon of choice in the anti-Israel arsenal.
This is daily life near Gaza and is the reason why UJA's support of Sderot is so important.

We fund initiatives like the Sderot Science Centre, which contribute to the long-term sustainability of Sderot in a secure, missileproof facility where children can learn, play, and explore, free from fear and anxiety.

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