The Jewish community in Greater Toronto will only continue to thrive if we can continue to gather in our synagogues, community centres, schools and neighbourhoods, and to proudly express our Jewish identity, in safety. In response to the rise in antisemitism globally, as well as statistics showing the Jewish community is the most targeted group for hate crimes both nationally and locally, UJA Community Security was launched in July 2019. UJA’s Community Security team has a robust strategy to ensure the safety of our synagogues, schools, and community centres, and to empower our community through training, guidance, and incident support, as well as close working relationships with law enforcement. It's a strategy that’s helping make our community institutions safer for everyone.

“The security of our congregation is the BAYT’s number one priority. We have a responsibility to ensure our synagogue is well protected, and that we have the information we need to take care of the Jewish community. We are grateful to UJA for their help in providing the critical assistance we need to do so.”

- Rabbi N. Daniel Korobkin, Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto Congregation (BAYT)

“As a new executive director of the synagogue, in a position where I am dealing with security issues for the first time, I really appreciate the support and expert advice of UJA Community Security in helping me and our newly established security committee review and update security protocols. We have been helped to determine best practices, develop short and long-term planning, and also to work in coordination with other synagogues and the broader Jewish community. UJA Community Security has helped us focus on key priorities and also to find the balance between protecting our people and our space and protecting and enjoying our services, events, culture and overall way of life here at Congregation Darchei Noam.”

- Joanna Sasson, Executive Director, Congregation Darchei Noam

“After Pittsburgh, protocols changed in Holy Blossom Temple and in the Toronto Jewish community. I give so much credit and thanks to CIJA and to UJA Federation for all of the efforts that have been made.”

- Judy Winberg, President, Holy Blossom Temple and cousin of Joyce Fienberg z”l (one of 11 people killed during the mass shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Penn. 10/18)