Growing Jewish Education & Jewish Identity

to ensure a vibrant future for our community

One of UJA’s core priorities is to ensure younger members of our community have access to experiences that will help them develop strong and proud Jewish identities. Our multi-faceted strategy supports identity-building programs that have a transformative lifelong impact. These include PJ Library’s free Jewish-themed children’s book program, day and overnight summer camp experiences, part-time Jewish education initiatives, March of the Living and Birthright Israel, among others. A central pillar of this strategy is addressing the high cost of Jewish day school, and working to help make this option more affordable for families in our community.

Thanks to our TanenbaumCHAT Affordability Initiative enrolment has increased by 70%

Fighting Poverty & Improving Wellbeing

to help vulnerable members of our community break the cycle of poverty

A community is measured by how it treats its most disadvantaged members. Today, roughly 1 in 8 Jews in the Greater Toronto Area, including thousands of children, seniors and Holocaust survivors, struggle with poverty every day. UJA’s network of social service agencies ensure a broad array of supports are available to those in need. These range from rent subsidies, free loans, employment services, kosher food deliveries, social programs to help seniors overcome devastating social isolation, and more, to help the most vulnerable in our community break the cycle of poverty.

700+ Jewish low-income households are helped through UJA's Supplementary Financial Assistance Program

Supporting Israelis & Global Jewish Communities in Need

to foster connections between the GTA and Israel, and empower global jewish communities in need

Strengthening ties between our community and Israel is one of UJA’s core priorities. Although in various ways Israel is thriving, many of its citizens live on the social and economic margins of Israeli society. Our support for programs in our partner communities of Sderot, Bat Yam, and Eilat/Eilot, help these communities share in the benefits of a strong and growing economy. We also support small at-risk Jewish communities around the world through initiatives like Global Seder, which ensure Jews in countries like Cuba and Moldova receive the Kosher for Passover food they need to celebrate the holiday.

In summer 2019, 800 students attended camp at Sderot's new, UJA-supported missile-proof Science Centre

Countering Antisemitism & Improving Community Security

to ensure the safety of our community

Security is essential for a community to thrive. UJA’s Community Security team has a robust strategy to ensure the safety of our synagogues, schools, community centres and the wider community through training, guidance and incident support, as well as close working relationships with law enforcement. Through our advocacy agent - the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs - we are advocating for a vigorous government approach to combatting antisemitsm, anti-Israel hate and bigotry in all forms. With our partner Hillel Ontario, we provide tools to empower Jewish students to proudly express their identities and to counter antisemitism on campus.

UJA Community Security visited over 60 communal institutions in the GTA during the 2019 High Holidays

It takes over 100 agencies and organizations to build a dynamic Jewish community. UJA Federation strives to ensure that every one of those institutions is strong and impactful.